Empowering Communities Through Regenerative Agriculture


Our mission is simple yet profound – to collaborate with local communities in creating thriving ecosystems through innovative regenerative agriculture practices.


Integrity, Sustainability, Community, and Innovation are at the core of everything we do. We strive to embody these values in our daily operations and interactions.


Our Approach

At Wungko's Farm, we're dedicated to pioneering new methods and technologies in regenerative agriculture. By embracing innovation, we continually strive to enhance our practices and maximize the health and productivity of our land.


We believe in the power of partnerships. Through collaboration with local communities, experts, and organizations, we foster shared learning and co-create sustainable solutions that benefit everyone involved.


Knowledge is key to driving positive change. That's why we are committed to providing educational resources and training programs to farmers and enthusiasts. By sharing our expertise and insights, we empower others to adopt regenerative practices and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Liberian Agriculture Minister Impressed by Wungko’s Farm: A Closer Look at the Visit

The Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Liberia recently visited Wungko’s Farm, where she was impressed by the innovative agricultural practices and sustainability initiatives. She marveled at features like shadenet houses, plant-based protein sources for animals, a thriving piggery, a plantain propagator, and a unique technique for turning rice waste into a soilless growing medium. The visit also highlighted the farm’s efforts to combat climate change with various irrigation systems. The Minister expressed dedication to improving the agricultural sector and commended Wungko’s Farm for their hard work and dedication to sustainable farming. The farm promises to continue its mission of innovation and sustainable agriculture, shaping a greener, more sustainable future.

Facilitating Plantain and Potatoes Value-Chain Project (F2PVC).


The Liberia agro-processing sector holds promise for consolidating the development of a vibrant and inclusive private sector however growth of the sector is with marred by several constraints. The major constraints identified include the lack of adequate equipment and infrastructure to facilitate agriculture and post-harvest production, challenges in sourcing of raw materials and lack of access to finance. Through the Facilitating Plantain and Potatoes Value-Chain Project, Wungko’s Farm seeks to address the above-mentioned constraints that are critical to the viability of Wungko’s Farm growth model.
Wungko’s Farm is an integrated livestock and vegetable company located in Bong County, Liberia, with a production facility in Monrovia, Liberia. Wungko’s Farm produces and distributes plantain chips and various crisps from other agricultural produce. The company is currently working on establishing a robust distribution network for its products throughout the country and eventually on international markets.
Through the Facilitating Plantain and Potatoes Value Chain Project, Wungko’s Farm seeks to improve and expand the production of vegetables, especially plantain and potatoes inter-crop with other vegetables through Wungko’s Farm production and out-growers. The project aims to improve agro-processing capacity and increase income and employment for smallholder farmers and agro-inputs suppliers, especially youth and women.
The expected impact is to create jobs for 50 smallholder farmers, especially women and youth, and create 145 jobs for agro-inputs suppliers. The project will increase the current production to a full production capacity of 60 kilograms per hour, increase income and jobs for smallholder farmers and agro-inputs suppliers and facilitate export readiness.


Through the Facilitating Plantain and Potatoes Value-Chain Project (F2PVC), aim to scale up production of plantain and potatoes and improve Wungko Farm’s agro-processing capacity through opening a mini-processing facility in central Liberia to address post-harvest losses smallholder face. The project objectives are:
✅ Improve production of plantain and potatoes
✅ Increase value-addition services and quality processing
✅ Increase income and jobs for smallholder farmers and agro-input suppliers.