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Automatic Chicken Cup Drinkers (Screw Type)


The Automatic Chicken Cup Drinker is an innovative way to provide always-fresh water to your flock. These cups are very reliable, durable, and trouble-free life. They are ideal for broilers, breeders, layers, pullets, ducks and other similar birds.

  • As a bird drinks, the spring-loaded tab is bumped, releasing more water into the cup.
  • Available in white (universal for all pipe types) and black screw (for half inch pipes) variants (as shown in the picture).

Clip Nipple – (Pack of 100 Pieces)


The automatic nipple drinker with clip for chickens comes in a pack of 100 pieces. They discharge water for chickens to drink without wetting the litter.

  • It can be used for broilers, layers, pullets, and other similar birds.
  • The nipple clip is 3/4″, so you will need a 3/4″ PVC pipe for installing them.
  • The items are new and are all in good condition.

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Cup Drinker-Fogger Combo

Take advantage of our unique offer on this Automatic Cup drinker-Fogger combo.  This is a guaranteed way to save while

Fliptop Feeders + Paper Egg Crates (Combo)

Fliptop Feeders + Paper Egg Crates + Biovitastress (Combo) Take advantage of our unique offer on these Fliptop Feeders, Paper

Hanging Plastic Feeder For Poultry (8kg Feed Capacity)


This is hanging feeder is suitable for floor-reared birds: Growers, broilers, and layers. It can also be adapted for coupling with an automatic feed dispenser.

  • This feeder serves about 14 birds at a time and has a feed carrying capacity of 5-10kg.
  • Its unique bright white and red color makes it attractive to the birds.

Indian Type Bell Drinker (For Poultry | Automatic)


Provide 24 hours of water supply to your chicken using our bell drinkers!

  • It is recommended for chickens reared on the floor – be it a broiler, cockerel, pullet, or kuroiler.
  • Using this product, water contamination by the chickens is also reduced considerably.

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Manual Drinker With Stand (High-Quality Plastic | 5L | 10L)


Provide 24 hours of water supply to your chicken using our manual drinkers!  These drinkers are recommended for chickens reared on the floor – be it Broiler, Cockerel, Pullet, or Kuroiler.

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Metal Feeders (1kg | 2kg | 3.5kg) – Locally Fabricated


Metal Feeders

Our feeders are recommended for floor-reared poultry birds (deep litter systems) especially turkeys.

  • Access of birds to the right amount of clean and fresh feed via specially arranged feeders is essential.
  • Its unique metallic design makes it easy to handle, clean, and store.
  • This product provides a hygienic feeding option to avoid diseases at the preliminary stage.
  • We have these products in different capacities — 1kg, 2kg, 3.5kg.

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Nipple with Cup Drinker (Yellow/Red)


This is a combined chicken nipple waterer. It consists of the nipple, clip, and drip cup all in one. Yet, they are very durable.

  • The price below is for one piece of the automatic nipple drinker.

Pig Nipple Drinker (5 Pieces)


To achieve optimum performance from the pigs, it is extremely important to provide fresh and clean drinking water.

  • Kindly note that the price listed is for 5 pieces of the nipple drinkers

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Plastic Flip-Top Feeders | For Brooder Birds


The plastic flip-top feeder is indicated for providing complete and controlled access of brooding chicks to clean feed.

  • With 28 feeding holes (openings) and a flat bottom, this product provides a sturdy feeding option for chicks.
  • It is recommended for brooding chicks at week 1 (7 days old)
  • Can be adapted for use with/without the top cover.
  • This flip-top ground feeder also allows for easy filling of feed and routine cleaning.

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