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five-CALCIDB.ORAL | Calcium Supplement | 1L


Increase the rate of feed and mineral conversion on your farms today by purchasing our product.

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MiaDiaSan Feed Additive (Advanced Formulation)


MiaDiaSan is an advanced formulation of organic feed additive which acts as a growth promoter as well as an immune booster; this is achieved through enhancing feed conversion and maintaining healthy guts, this culminates in an outstanding performance in livestock.

  • The use of antibiotics of pharmaceutical origin has been a method of improving livestock performance for many years; however, there is the increasing concern of its resistance and residual effects in the body of animals.
  • Scientists have opted for the use of natural feed additives such as MiaDiasan as an alternative to antibiotics due to its wide safety margin and efficacy to promote growth performance in animals.
  • MiaDiaSan Advanced contains an improved and highly fortified formulation of plant extracts, Oreganum, and Probiotics.
  • It is also indicated to rapidly resolve the case of wet litter.

MultiZyme-Digestion Enhancer For Livestock (200g)


MultiZyme- Digestion enhancer for livestock is a non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) enzyme which helps increase nutrient availability, improve feed digestibility, reduce feed cost and helps improve litter quality.

NUFOBACTER Liquid (Antibiofilm, Acidifier, Drinking Line Cleanser, Growth Promoter | 1L | 5L)


NUFOBACTER L is a synergic blend of acids that improve gut health and performances in poultry and livestock in three steps.

  • First step: Improves the microbial quality of water by inhibiting the growth of pathogenic microorganisms (coli, Salmonella, yeasts and moulds)
  • Second step: Reduces the pH in the crop and stomach. This leads to an improvement of the feed digestion and inhibits the growth of pathogens like coli & Salmonella
  • Third step: Promotes the growth of saprophytic flora (Lactobacillus ).

NUFOCARE POWDER(P) – (Natural Growth Promoter and Amplifier | Acidifier | 1kg | 25kg)


NUFOCARE P prevents the proliferation of bacteria and improves the general health of poultry & livestock during the full production cycle.

  • The presence of Nufocare Powder in feed helps to maintain the integrity of the liver, kidney, and other visceral organs.
  • It equally acts on the GIT to improve microflora development.

NUFOTOX PRO (Mycotoxicosis Control | 1kg | 25kg)


Nufotox pro is an innovative blend of yeasts, enzymes, biopolymers, and HSCAS (Hydrated Sodium calcium aluminosilicate) with high toxin binding power at a low dosage.

  • Its composition improves the performance of the animals affected by the mycotoxins.
  • It maximizes the degradation of toxins and stabilizes the intestinal microflora.