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Contra Fatty Liver (Feed Grade | 1kg | 25kg)


Contra fatty liver contains compounds such as vitamin B12, C, & E, as well as choline chloride, copper, lecithin etc. which helps in preventing the onset of the condition of the fatty liver hemorrhagic syndrome in laying hens.

1 kg is recommended for 1 ton of feed

Liver Vital Liquid | For Liver in Poultry Birds


Liver Vital is a systematic liquid liver booster and protection for the prevention and treatment of Acute and Chronic Liver Disorder, Aflatoxicosis, Non-specific Anorexia, Weakness, Anaemia and Stress.

Livflush Super Tonic For Poultry


Does your ageing, injured, ill or distressed animal need a gentle and effective liver detox that is easy to take in? Livflush Super is the tonic for your animals. It is available in 1 L, 2L 4L. The dose is Iml to 2l for 5 t0 7 days. Make a purchase today

Superliv Herbal Supplement For Poultry (200mL | 1L)


Superliv is a liquid herbal poultry supplement.

  • Its formulation includes a liver formula for better growth, improved egg production, and protection from aflatoxins.