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Adaminolyte WSP (150g Per Sachet)


We offer Adaminolyte wsp which is developed specially for the prevention and treatment of all deficiencies in vitamins, trace elements, and amino acids in poultry.

  • Adaminolyte is a well-balanced nutritional supplement to be given in case of performance deficiencies, stress (feed or climate changes, transport, vaccination, etc.) or during high production periods (laying, growth).
  • The offered product can be given before or after the treatment of coccidíosis, worm, bacterial or viral infection.
  • In layers, Adaminolyte wsp can result in higher egg production and better egg quality as well as an extended laying period.

Choline Chloride – Feed Additive for Livestock (50%)


Choline Chloride is used as an important feed additive in livestock, especially poultry as it helps to maintain cell membrane integrity and normal maturation of bone cartilages, thus preventing perosis.

  • We offer the 25kg bags and the concentration is 50%.

Contra Fatty Liver (Feed Grade | 1kg | 25kg)


Contra fatty liver contains compounds such as vitamin B12, C, & E, as well as choline chloride, copper, lecithin etc. which helps in preventing the onset of the condition of the fatty liver hemorrhagic syndrome in laying hens.

1 kg is recommended for 1 ton of feed

DiCalcium Phosphate DCP ( 18%P | Feed Grade | 25kg)


DiCalcium Phosphate is a crystalline nutritional supplement for balancing livestock (poultry, swine, fishes) rations with much-needed minerals (phosphorus and calcium).

  • Bemphos DCP 18%P is a brand product from AB-Foods, istanbul, Turkey.
  • We offer the DCP packaged in 25kg bags and well indicated for feed formulation.

Feed Grade Methionine (For Livestock | 25kg)


Methionine is a sulfur-containing amino acid that is essential for good health and productivity in animals.

  • It is indicated to keep young livestock healthy while moderating a variety of metabolic reactions, cell proliferation, and development in the body.
  • Nutrient-dense rations help sharpen the focus on key essential amino acids such as lysine and methionine.
  • As farmers often prefer finding supplements that can be customized to the diet of their pig to improve age, weight, genetics and production parameters. The maximization of feed, facility, and labour efficiencies are part of the daily equation.
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Glucovita C | 100g | PROMO


Glucovita C is an effective combination of vitamin C and dextrose indicated to combat deficiency and provide an energy boost for poultry (day-old chicks, growing birds).

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L-Lysine (CJ BIO Brand | L-Lys-HCl)


We offer CJ BIO’s L-lysine which is the basic but most important amino acid that forms the basis for the ‘Ideal protein model’ in animal feeds.

  • CJ BIO is the number one global bio company in the green bio market and a leader in the feed amino acid market.
  • The offered product is produced by the advanced fermentation process using raw materials such as corn and sugar cane, thus combining sustainability and efficiency in animal nutrition.
  • L-lysine optimizes animal growth performance, synthesizes muscle proteins, and aids in calcium resorption.

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L-Methionine (L-MET100 | CJ BIO Brand)


L-methionine is the result of CJ BIO’s unmatched innovative competence of developing a large scale fermentation-based L-methionine production for the first time in history.

  • L-Methionine not only serves as a constituent of skeletal muscle protein but also optimizes the development of digestive tract and growth performance.
  • Furthermore, it has a function of optimizing muscle mass, feather development, and maintaining egg production in animals.
  • It is the 1st limiting amino acid in poultry and aqua feeds, and the 2nd limiting amino acid in swine feeds.

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Lavaside – For Fly Free Farm and Odourless Poultry Manure (250g | 25kg)


Do you want to reduce flies in your poultry pen?

Do you want firm and dry poultry manure?

Lavaside will help you achieve these and more.


Maxi Growth (Animal Feed Supplement | 150g)


Maxi Growth is an enriched animal feed supplement required for healthy growth, improved survivability, and profitable production.

  • This product is indicated for veterinary use only.
  • Follow all instructions on the label strictly.
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MiaDiaSan Feed Additive (Advanced Formulation)


MiaDiaSan is an advanced formulation of organic feed additive which acts as a growth promoter as well as an immune booster; this is achieved through enhancing feed conversion and maintaining healthy guts, this culminates in an outstanding performance in livestock.

  • The use of antibiotics of pharmaceutical origin has been a method of improving livestock performance for many years; however, there is the increasing concern of its resistance and residual effects in the body of animals.
  • Scientists have opted for the use of natural feed additives such as MiaDiasan as an alternative to antibiotics due to its wide safety margin and efficacy to promote growth performance in animals.
  • MiaDiaSan Advanced contains an improved and highly fortified formulation of plant extracts, Oreganum, and Probiotics.
  • It is also indicated to rapidly resolve the case of wet litter.

Miaphos – Liquid Feed Supplement of Poultry (1L)


This product is a liquid feed supplement of poultry designed to provide additional mineral salts and other trace elements needed by poultry birds.

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