five-IODINE | Disinfectant | 10% PVP (100mL | 1L)


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Morigad Germicide – 4L


Morigad Germicide is a powerful multipurpose broad spectrum disinfectant (active against bacteria, fungi, yeasts, protozoa, some viruses, and other microbes) for domestic, hospital, and animal husbandry uses because of its capability in retaining its activity in the presence of serum, blood, faeces, urine and other organic contaminants.

Active Ingredient;

  • Dichloroxylenol + Chlorophenol

NeoDine Iodophor Disinfectant (1 Litre)


NeoDine is the recommended formulation for sanitizing drinking water and disinfecting poultry sheds, footbath, hatchery, incubator, poultry equipment, food processing plants etc.


Polidine Disinfectant (Iodophor | Antimicrobial | Fungicide | 1 Liter | 4 Liter)


Polidine is an ideal disinfectant for poultry farms and hatcheries. It helps protect livestock and farms from the spread of infectious diseases such as fowl cholera, CRD, Colibacillosis, fowl coryza, salmonellosis, aspergillosis etc.