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1000 Layers Business Plan (2022 Edition)


A common challenge for farmers seeking to expand their production include access to the much needed funds. Sourcing such funds is made easier when armed with how such funds will yield profits.

  • If you are into the production of eggs, this e-book will very much appeal to you.
  • Commercial layers are reared for egg production (from 22nd week on average)while offering meat as spent hen after the laying cycle.
  • This well compiled feasibility report offers an elaborate plan for a 2000 birds capacity farm.
  • It is an exclusive content for the  Afrimash Prime Members.

A Simple Guide to Raising Local/Indigenous Chickens for Household and Commercial Purposes (2019 Edition)


This comprehensive ebook will give you a better insight into local or indigenous chicken farming including Noiler and Kuroiler chicken breeds. You will get the right information and excellent management practices required to start local chicken farming successfully and to make an optimal profit.

Agribusiness | Opportunities Every Business Oriented African Should Look Into (Book)


Place orders for this insightful and enlightening e-book, it can be easily downloadable. Make purchases today.

Kindly Note: This E-book comes in paperback also.

The E-book costs N2,400, while the paper back costs N4,100.




Aquaculture Systems & System Designing (2021 Edition)


Aquaculture systems and system designing” is educative literature that is aimed at educating interested individuals on the modus operandi of aquaculture systems and system designing techniques.

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Aquafeed Production, Economics; Health Impact on Fish Management (2020 Edition)


The book will profoundly assist practicing and prospective fish farmers in running viable aquaculture ventures.

  • It will greatly help students in aquaculture related studies.
  • It is written as a compendium to enhance the farming of fish for national growth.

Beginners Guide To Broiler Farming (184 Pages)


I know that you have heard a lot about how lucrative broiler production or broiler farming can be. Maybe you have also heard that the business can break you if you are not armed with the necessary knowledge. The life of a broiler is dynamic yet follows a known path. So, once you get a hang of it, you are made in the business.

This broiler management guide is everything you need! From choosing your farm site or setting up your backyard space, selecting the best breed, brooding your broiler chicks, maximizing their growth potential, preventing diseases, to strategies to sell off your stock while maximizing profit, everything is covered.

What are you waiting for? Let’s help you with our years of experience in broiler production, and you will not have to tell a sad story ever!

Broiler Farm Business Plan (2000 Birds | 2022 Edition)


Poultry farming is an important aspect of livestoock agriculture and well practiced by an increasing number of farmers. It not only create great business opportunity for entrepreneurs, but provides employment as well as food supply for the population.

  • This well researched and compiled study/business plan will guide you through the necessary steps needed to plan ahead with regards to stocking your farm, financial planning and management and expected returns.
  • It is an exclusive content for the Afrimash Prime Members

Excellent Starter and Finisher Formula for Great Broiler Weight (eBook) – 2019 Edition


The Starter and Finisher Formula is a special 2 paged ebook feed document which will make your broilers achieve amazing maturity weight within 6-8 weeks, such that you will begin to rake in profits on broiler farming without stress.

This formula will enable 85% of your broilers would attain an average live weight of 2.5kg at 6th week and a live weight of 3.5-4kg at the 8th week.

Feed Formula for Optimal Laying Birds Performance (Chicks-Pullets, Growers and Layers) E-Book


This downloadable PDF ebook (3 pages) contains the recommended feed formula necessary for improved performance and production indices in poultry (chicks, growers/pullets, cockerels, and layers).

Adherence to this formula guarantees impressive weight gain in meat birds as well as early/enhanced egg lay in laying birds throughout the production cycle.

Organic Poultry Production Manual (Birds and Eggs Production-2020 Edition) – 57 Pages


This manual is designed to help you from start to finish in organic poultry production, it carries data and hands-on practical approach on all your poultry input production and a step by step guide to achieving your Organic goals.

  • Organic farming is a method of crop and livestock production that involves choosing not to use pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics and growth hormones.
  • Organic production is a holistic system designed to optimize the productivity and fitness of diverse communities within the agro-ecosystem, including soil organisms, plants, livestock, and people. The principal goal of organic production is to develop enterprises that are sustainable and harmonious with the environment.

Poultry Management For First-Timers (E-Book)


We offer you our Poultry Management For First-Timers to solve your poultry management issues