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1000 Layers Business Plan (2022 Edition)


A common challenge for farmers seeking to expand their production include access to the much needed funds. Sourcing such funds is made easier when armed with how such funds will yield profits.

  • If you are into the production of eggs, this e-book will very much appeal to you.
  • Commercial layers are reared for egg production (from 22nd week on average)while offering meat as spent hen after the laying cycle.
  • This well compiled feasibility report offers an elaborate plan for a 2000 birds capacity farm.
  • It is an exclusive content for the  Afrimash Prime Members.

1056 Eggs Capacity Incubators (Electric Powered-500W) – PROMO PROMO


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The 1056 egg incubator has been delivered to enhance hatchery operations for various species of birds and can easily be adjusted to adequately incubate eggs of chickens, turkeys, quails, ducks, and geese. Due to the capacity of this incubator, it requires a ventilation fan, excess heat fan, water, and air heating elements, and turning motors.

  • During the incubating process, this machine utilizes an automatic turning feature to turn the eggs at the appropriate time.

A Guide To Company Formation In Nigeria


This book ‘A Guide to Company Formation in Nigeria’ is a complete guide for all aspiring and existing business owners and promoters. It’s well written chapters cover basic issues on existing history and legislation, types, benefits, registration and incorporation of companies in accordance with the laws of Nigeria.

A Simple Guide to Raising Local/Indigenous Chickens for Household and Commercial Purposes (2019 Edition)


This comprehensive ebook will give you a better insight into local or indigenous chicken farming including Noiler and Kuroiler chicken breeds. You will get the right information and excellent management practices required to start local chicken farming successfully and to make an optimal profit.

A-Z of Poultry Farming in Nigeria (e-Book)


This ebook, “A-Z of Poultry Farming in Nigeria,” isn’t just a guide; it’s a mentor, a companion for every step of your poultry farming adventure.

  • Whether you’re passionate about sustainable farming, interested in contributing to food security or aspiring to be a successful poultry entrepreneur, this ebook is your key to unlocking the full potential of poultry farming in Nigeria.
  • This definitive guide is tailored for both aspiring poultry farmers and seasoned practitioners, offering a wealth of knowledge to navigate the unique landscape of poultry farming in Nigeria.

Adacox Anticoccidial Powder For Livestock – 100g


Adacox is specially formulated with antibacterial, anticoccidial and vitamin ingredients needed to combat various gastrointestinal infections in domestic animals.

Adaminolyte WSP (150g Per Sachet)


We offer Adaminolyte wsp which is developed specially for the prevention and treatment of all deficiencies in vitamins, trace elements, and amino acids in poultry.

  • Adaminolyte is a well-balanced nutritional supplement to be given in case of performance deficiencies, stress (feed or climate changes, transport, vaccination, etc.) or during high production periods (laying, growth).
  • The offered product can be given before or after the treatment of coccidíosis, worm, bacterial or viral infection.
  • In layers, Adaminolyte wsp can result in higher egg production and better egg quality as well as an extended laying period.

African Giant Snails and Snail Farming (Volumes 1 and 2)


African Giant Snails and Snail Farming is the most comprehensive, practical, and up-to-date guide to raising African Giant Snails.
The books (volumes 1&2) are written to enrich your understanding of the subject matter and principles of farming edible (giant) land snails economically, taking advantage of the flagged socio-medico-economic values displayed by these wonderful creatures.
Volume 1 deals more with the biology and farming techniques, while volume 2 basically highlights the techniques involved in managing and marketing farmed snails. Issues such as managing peculiar farming challenges; socio-economic importance of farmed snails; processing, packaging, and marketing modalities, and mini-financial plan on farming snails are dealt with in volume 2.

  • Written by experts, it is a combination of quality practical information and the business of snail farming.
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Agribusiness | Opportunities Every Business Oriented African Should Look Into (Book)


Place orders for this insightful and enlightening e-book, it can be easily downloadable. Make purchases today.

Kindly Note: This E-book comes in paperback also.

The E-book costs N2,400, while the paper back costs N4,100.




Aller Claria Float (2mm | 3mm | 4.5mm | 6mm | 8mm | 15kg Feed for Growers)


Did you know that it takes between 90 to 120 days to grow the fish from 20g to 1000g with Aller Claria Float feed? You are just one click away to purchasing our premium granulate feed produced by one of the world’s most experienced producers of high quality extruded fish feed for aquaculture.

  • Aller Claria Float is a floating fish feed that comes in various pellet sizes (2mm, 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, and 8mm) that is just best for your needs.
  • Remember, when using Aller Aqua feeds, growth starts with the very first bite!

Aller Infa Ex (0.1mm | 0.2mm | 0.4mm | 6kg Fry Feed | 64% CP)


Are you looking for highly nutritious and well-tailored fry feed for your hatchery? You are just one click away to our premium granulate feed produced by one of the world’s most experienced producers of high quality extruded fish feed for aquaculture.

  • We offer feeds of narrow particle size range suitable for your fry and optimal nutrient level that makes you breed bigger and healthier fish.
  • Aller Infa Ex comes in various particle sizes including 0.1mm, 0.2mm and 0.4mm

Amino Acid Oral 1 Liter (Adamore Brand)


Buy our Amino Acid Oral which is a liquid preparation of a well-balanced combination of essential amino acids for administration via drinking water to livestock

  • Read on to discover more information about this amazing product.
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  • Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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