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Beginners Guide To Broiler Farming (184 Pages)


I know that you have heard a lot about how lucrative broiler production or broiler farming can be. Maybe you have also heard that the business can break you if you are not armed with the necessary knowledge. The life of a broiler is dynamic yet follows a known path. So, once you get a hang of it, you are made in the business.

This broiler management guide is everything you need! From choosing your farm site or setting up your backyard space, selecting the best breed, brooding your broiler chicks, maximizing their growth potential, preventing diseases, to strategies to sell off your stock while maximizing profit, everything is covered.

What are you waiting for? Let’s help you with our years of experience in broiler production, and you will not have to tell a sad story ever!

NoduMax Legume Inoculant (100g Sachets)


We offer NoduMax which is a new legume inoculation technology developed at the IITA Business Incubation Platform. NoduMax is intended for soybean crops so that they are better able to access nitrogen from the air.

  • Buy this innovative product today and be sure of better productivity.
  • We deliver nationwide.

Nursery Bags (50 pcs per bundle for Grow Bags | 100 Pcs per Bundle for Nursery Bags)


We offer nursery bags (or grow bags) which are high-quality bags widely used for growing nursery plants, saplings, bulbs, seedlings, etc.


  • Made of high-quality polyethene (PE) nylon material.
  • The price listed is for one bundle and a bundle contains 50 pieces of nursery bags.
  • Can carry up to 5kg of soil

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Palm Kernel Oil (Yosher-Dan Brand | 1 Litre | Organic)


Yosher-Dan Palm Kernel Oil is pure and unrefined.

  • The Palm Kernel Oil is 100% organic and locally produced in Nigeria.

Potting Soil | 70 LTR | 40 LTR (Primasta Potting Soil)


Potting soil is a collective term for different kinds of soil with each their own composition and specific structure. It is comprised of various ingredients that serve as a medium to grow plants, herbs, and vegetables in nursery bags, grow bags, pots, or other durable containers.

Product Features:


  • Composition: It is made up of organic materials, inorganic materials, fertilizers, and other additives.
  • Packaging: This product comes in 70 LTR and 40 LTR bags

Tomato Seedling Trays (Hard Plastic Nursery Sprouter Tray)


Our plastic sprouter trays are perfect for bottom watering your plants. Each cell will reach the bottom as the trays are often a bit wider on the top and slightly tapers to the bottom to make the trays stackable for easy storage.

  • These trays are well indicated for horticultural and nursery practices.

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Yosher-Dan Shea Butter (Organic | Natural)


Yosher-Dan makes therapeutic Grade ‘A’ Shea Butter, 100% organic and locally produced in Nigeria.