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2Sure Hand and Surface Sanitizer


2Sure Hand and Surface Sanitizer is one of the cheapest NAFDAC-approved sanitisers in Nigeria. This disinfectant is highly efficient for workplace and household hygiene. It offers 99.9% protection against bacteria and other germ infections. Naturally, hand washing should be available in all homes and offices. This is to ensure that hands are washed immediately after they get dirty. In case of emergencies or in places where hand wash is not available, we can use this sanitiser as a stopgap

African GardenEgg Kibibi | 100 Seeds


The African Eggplant (Garden Egg) is a tropical perennial plant. It is also quite delicate. It is high in carbohydrates, low in calories, contains a variety of nutrients.
Eggplants can take between 100 and 120 days to achieve maturity from the seed, so picking a fast-growing variety and setting optimum growing conditions will deliver fresh, mature eggplants to your table more quickly from your farm.
These seeds have been treated with bio-stimulants which confer: increased germination, increased root development, increased vegetative growth, increased fruit quality (shape, weight, colour), increased resistance to climate stress, and advanced ripening.

African Giant F1 Hybrid Cucumber Seed (CU999)



African Giant F1 Hybrid Cucumber Seed (CU999)


  • Colour: Pale Green Colour Fruits
  • Shape: Cylindrical and uniform in shape
  • Gynoecious: Production of more female flowers
  • Plant Quality: Tolerant to some pests and diseases
  • Package Size: 100 grams
  • Time to Maturity: 45 – 50 days after planting of seeds.
  • Leaf: Broad leaves
  • Length: 25 – 30 cm
  • Diameter: 5 – 6 cm
  • Weight: 350 – 500 g
  • Disease Resistances: Powdery Mildew (Sphaerotheca Fuliginea) and CMV (Cucumber Mosaic Virus).We deliver Nationwide!!!

African Walnut Seedlings


African Walnut seedlings, under suitable conditions, grow into trees that can be as high as 50-75 feet, having deciduous leaves.  The African Walnut is scarcely consumed because its health benefits are not known to many. African Walnut (Tetracarpidium Conophorum) also called conophor nut, Ukpa, Asala, Kaso and Ngak originated from the humid tropical forests of West and Central Africa.  Most commonly, they grow in soils with a pH of 6.5-8.0.

African walnuts can be grown from seeds and cuttings. Here, we have young seedlings of the African Walnut that has passed the first germination phase.

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Aloe Vera Suckers


Aloe vera is an herbaceous perennial in the family Liliaceae grown for its succulent leaves which have a variety of culinary and medicinal uses.

  • The aloe leaves may be flecked with white and are pale green or gray-green in color.
  • The plants produce a conspicuous inflorescence composed of densely packed pendulous yellow flowers on a spike which can be up to 90 cm (35 in) in height.
  • The plant itself can grow to be 1 m (3 ft) in height and can live for up to 100 years if well cared for.

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Amarisa Super F1 Cucumber



  • Colour: Deep Green and Glossy Colour
  • Type: Indeterminate parthenocarpic cucumber Seeds
  • Shape: Uniform and Cylindrical
  • Monoecious: More male flowers than female flowers
  • Plant Quality: Hardy and tolerant to stress
  • Package Size: Pack of 10 grams
  • Time to Maturity: 40– 45 days after planting of seeds.
  • Leaf: Broad leaves
  • Length: 19-23 cm
  • Diameter: 4 – 5 cm
  • Weight: 300 – 400 g
  • Disease Resistances: Downy Mildew, Powdery Mildew (Sphaerotheca Fuliginea) and CMV (Cucumber Mosaic Virus).
  • Brand: Harvestfield

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Ansal F1 Tomato Seeds | 5g |1000 Seeds


Ansal F1 is a  variety of tomato that produces strong vigorous plants with very good foliage cover that reduces the risk of sunburn resulting in higher marketable yield potential at a better price.

Atria 153 F1 | Cauliflower | 5g


Atria 153 F1 | Cauliflower

Curd: White, dome curd of 0.8 to 1kg, medium cover
Maturity: 55 days from planting
Season: Semi Tropical
Good quality curds, high uniformity and recovery

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Avocado Seedlings


Do you wish to get the best out of avocado farming? We have the right seedlings to get you started!

  • Our avocado seedlings are reputable for their earlier maturity period, astounding fruit set, and moderate resistance to diseases commonly affecting avocado production.
  • They are very suitable and adaptable to tropical conditions.
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Basil Sweet Genovese | 900 seeds

Basil ‘Sweet Genovese’ is considered to be one of the best varieties of aromatic basil, hailed for its sweet-flavoured leaves and soft texture. Sow seed indoors in a greenhouse or on a warm windowsill, and move plants outside in summer.
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Beginners Guide To Broiler Farming (184 Pages)


I know that you have heard a lot about how lucrative broiler production or broiler farming can be. Maybe you have also heard that the business can break you if you are not armed with the necessary knowledge. The life of a broiler is dynamic yet follows a known path. So, once you get a hang of it, you are made in the business.

This broiler management guide is everything you need! From choosing your farm site or setting up your backyard space, selecting the best breed, brooding your broiler chicks, maximizing their growth potential, preventing diseases, to strategies to sell off your stock while maximizing profit, everything is covered.

What are you waiting for? Let’s help you with our years of experience in broiler production, and you will not have to tell a sad story ever!

Bell apple seedling |Local Apple | native apple


Bell apple is a tropical fruit with a wide range of fantastic health benefits. It contains a tremendous amount of water and lots of essential nutrients that are good for the brain health, liver, and overall human body.

They also contain some beneficial organic compounds, including friedelolactone, jambosine, and betulinic acid, to treat fungal infections on the skin.

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