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AMINOFORCE (Post-emergence Herbicide, Selective | 1L)


The absorbed AminoForce is then inactivated by Agrobacterium and Pseudomonas present in the soil.
AminoForce is a safe herbicide in connection with accumulation in soil and phytotoxicity.

Being highly soluble in water it leaches faster than the mineral salts of 2,4-D and is then absorbed by the soil organic matter or clay colloids.

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Atrazine Powder (Selective/Systemic Herbicide | 80% WP ) -1kg


Atrazine is a selective and systemic herbicide containing 80% Atrazine WP (800g/kg atrazine powder). It controls a wide range of broadleaf weeds and some annual grasses with a pre-emergent and early post-emergent mechanism of action.

ButaForce ®(Pre-Emergence | Selective | Systemic Herbicide) –


Butaforce is a chloroacetanilide class herbicide known for its pre-emergent activity on weeds/soil. It is indicated for pre-emergence control of annual grasses and some broad-leaved weeds, particularly in rice crops. It is also extensively used in the form of granules in rice as a post-emergence herbicide.

  • It provides benefits to growers in the form of reduced storage and packaging waste.
  • It has wide potential use for total weed control in agriculture.

Champion (Organic Herbicide Booster | 1 Liter)


Make your crops triumph over all kinds of weeds by using Champion organic herbicide booster.

  • This product contains a free source of natural nitrogen which acts as a fast carrier of herbicide from leaf to root of the weeds.
  • Champion makes non-selective herbicides (like glyphosate, paraquat, etc.) work faster.
  • It is eco-friendly and cost-effective.
  • It is non-toxic to humans, animals, and plants.

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Dragon | Herbicide | 1L (Paraquat)


Dragon is a herbicide chemical for weed burner developed by WACOT Nig Ltd.

Effective ingredients: paraquat 24 per cent w / w

Type: No-Selective herbicide post-emergence

Force Up Herbicide | 1liter |


We offer Force up herbicide, which is an effective product used to deal with weed and pest infestation on your farmland. This provided substance is ideal for the management of the most persistent annual and perennial grasses such as Cyanodon dactylon, Imperata cylindrica, Panicum maximum, etc.

Active constituents

It contains 360g Glyphosate/L

How to use

Use one bottlecap of force up herbicide and mix with to litres of water.


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Gobara Herbicide (Saro Brand | 1 Liter)


Gobara is a widely used herbicide all over the country. It is a systemic general weed killer for the control of annual and perennial weeds on arable land.

  • It is an efficient crop protection product with excellent weed control, reliability, and favorable environmental attributes.
  • It contains 360g/L glyphosate isopropylamine salt with 100% surfactant.
  • Make sure you use this product following all precautionary guidelines

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Guard Force Powder Herbicide | Post-emergence |100g


Guard Force is a selective post-emergence herbicide used to control annual grass weeds, broad‑leaved weeds and perennials grass weeds in maize farms. The product contains an active ingredient that is effective against weeds such as Sorghum halepense and Agropyron repens in maize. This is a product of Jubaili Agrotech.

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Lagon | Pre-Emergent Herbicide | 250 mls


Lagon is a pre-emergence and post-sowing herbicide. It has a wide spectrum of annual grasses and broad leaves.  Its mode of action is by root and it is systemic. It should be applied to carefully levelled moist soil after sowing. It is recommended to apply the product before the seeds sprout.

It regulates annual and perennial grasses, sledges and most weeds with large leaves and it has wide potential use in agriculture for complete weed control most especially in maize and sweet maize plantations.

Product features:

  • Formulation: soluble concentrate.
  • Active ingredients :isoxaflutole + Aclonifene (50+330 g/L) .
  • Target organism: grasses , weeds


Legume Force Herbicide | Post-emergence | 1 Litre | 500mls | 250 mls


Legume Force Herbicide is a selective, systemic and post-emergence herbicide for the control of most annual and some perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds.

  • Our premium product can be used to control weeds in beans, soybeans and peanuts,
  • Legume Force is fully soluble in all proportions and therefore is well adapted to low gallonage spray equipment, even at high rates of application.

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Nwura Wura (Non-Selective Herbicide) -1L


Nwura Wura is a unique soluble herbicide formulation of glyphosate (360 g/l). It is a systemic and non-selective weedkiller with pre-emergence and nonresidual effects. This provides benefits to growers in the form of reduced storage and packaging waste.

  • It has wide potential use for total weed control in agriculture including horticulture, forestry, and non-crop areas

Powdered Force-Uron Herbicide | 1 Litre


Powdered Force-Uron is a Pre-emergence herbicide to control the weeds in cassava, yam, pineapple, and ginger. This product is an effective weed killer from Jubaili Agrotec.

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